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Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ice Skating, eh ?

7:45 pm: I am about to go home, thinking of packing for my trip and I get a call from my friend, asking if I wanted to go ice skating. Having never done it before, I jumped at the idea and was at his place in 10 mins.

8:15 pm: Four of us at the Ice skating rink. Having never done it before we were clueless and excited. "So what kind of shoes do you want - Ice hockey or the skating shoes ?" was the first question we were asked. We let him decide saying this is our first time.

8:30 pm: Having put on the shoes, watching the others skate with easy, seeing the movement of their legs, the way they controlled their bodies, the poise and balance we were in awe. 5 year old kinds skating with their hockey sticks were putting us to shame.

8:32 pm: We ventured into the rink. And boy oh boy ! Did it slip ! Holding on to the side rails, we were barely able to stand and move on. Two rounds of the rink and we were getting the hang of it. One of my friends got it pretty quickly and he was able to move around without holding on. Speaking to others while skating as to how to do it, we were able to get some valuable tips ! And after 5 rounds, it was 9:30 pm and it was time to close. But oh yeah ! it was a nice experience

We then ventured to catch glimse of the ice hockey game on a nearby rink. Having watched it on TV, I knew the rules and it was fun watching it live albeit for a few mintues.

So till I hit the rinks again, good bye !
And yes, did you notice 'eh' in the title. I have been interacting with some Canadian folks these days and I like the way they add the 'eh' at the end of every sentence !


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