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Friday, August 18, 2006

When will India Inc learn ?

Silicon Valley at Bangalore !!

Those are the headlines dominating the Indian media these days or have been for some years now ! Its high time Indian IT (I hate the word IT) industry takes a hard look at itself !

I prefer to call it the coolie valley ! How many silicon chips do we produce in India for it to be called the Silicon Valley ? Do we have a single company that has changed the face of the industry ? Why don't we have a single product company which can stand on its own and not be begging for US clients ? And i don't even want to talk about the working conditions there !

Infosys, Wipro and TCS are the main companies to blame here ! Before moving further I would like to emphasize that this is not against the employees of these companies. I believe that they are among the best in the world but haven't got the environment to produce the best ! Lots of young talented young engineers join the bandwagon and end up being project managers after 5 years; where they could have excelled had they been pushed a bit harder in the right direction.

So lots of people might argue that these companies have provided jobs to Indians and improved the standard of life. I completely agree that they have provided lots of jobs in a country like India and thats where the credit should stop. Calling these companies, the flag bearer of the Indian software industry is a crime in itself. And for this, I blame the media more than these companies !!

I hope that the situation improves sooner than latter and Indian Inc provides true competition to the US behemoths.


Anonymous Dey said...

JK... I have realised that this problem is not because the company forces us to into this. The people who have made these world class places are ones who are very similar to us. Their backgrounds have been humble and are very simple, quite a few of them are from basic middle class families. Then how could they have not thought about the same, or rather about this. Lets find out the root cause of it. Look who are the ones who are joining the IT industry; any technical graduate out from college; and who are these folks who join the mushrooming engineering colleges (I am not talking about IITs they don't work in these companies;) ) - young kids from our city schools. Ask any child in school and I am sure not all would say I will be joining some IT service company. Then sometime later just before choosing their streams everyone seems to be a software engineer. Surprising is it not? I don't know the reason why, maybe someone can tell us their experience. Mine is a conscious choice back then when I was in my 6th grade; we were introduced to computers then.

Coming back to now, most of us working in these companies will do whatever given to us. Including me. At times not very clear with what we want to do. We are happy and smug with the challenges thrown in - get more business and keep your clients happy and get even more business - and finally ensure that the package gets bigger by every year. And when we are clear and ask for things then we are asked to mould ourselves to what has been going on till now... the same lifestyle the same thoughts. Finally its our responsibility to choose what we want to do and if we let others rule our roost then again its our choice. It has a lot to do with our choice and our comfort zone we decide.

11:45 AM  
Blogger Jaikumar Ganesh said...

True! But then the hype thats created by the media and others, stops lots of ppl from looking at the other side ! The point I want to make is that many people are ignorant of the fact that Indian industry is not the silicon valley in the true sense of the word !

9:16 PM  

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