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Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Thanks to one of my friends. He sent me this :


I read a beautiful snippet about a guy who was travelling in a ship to America by buying a ticket with all his savings in India,in those olden days.
Since he did not have any money left he could not pay for his meals.He had some rice puffs for some days, after which he has nothing more to eat.
Since the journey is of a month, he literally has to ration his food until he has no more left, and starts going hungry. He looks at the dining saloon door and sees everyone going in to have sumptiuos meals. Its the last day on the ship and he is starving.
The captain a nice man watches him and says, "I have seen you for the whole month on the ship and near the dining saloon door. Why don't you join for dinner? Is it because you dont like the food here or the people?"
The man replies, " I dont have the money to afford such a lavish dining arrangement!"
The caption shaking his head replies "My dear friend the charge of the food is included in the ticket too!" The man realises his loss and just cried out loud.
A nice story telling us so many things all at once.
Isn't it ?


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