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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Rock on !

So I have been kluessless for some time now ! Well, some ppl might comment that I have always been :)
Anyway, for the people who follow it, yeah Klueless2 was released:

And it rocks! Its better than the previous version, since its tied to a story. Last year had fun solving it with my room mate. So all puzzle lovers, if you haven't given it a shot, take a look and I am sure you will get addicted.

Kudos to the guys who created it. Months of efforts and what a result. Just going by the number of hits they are getting, its worth every day spent on it.

I also have the puzzle gadget added to my google homepage and love solving Wei's puzzle. He was in the world puzzle championship and won the second place.

Need to take a moment and appreciate their creativity, intelligence and skill levels.
To all the puzzle creators in this world : Rock on guys and gals, and keep the good stuff coming.


Blogger an autumn leaf for all seasons said...

you have been kluessless for sometime now!!! are you sure? :-)

(Read on two hundred and sixty-eight times. And you'd get it :-) )

9:36 PM  

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