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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

The God 'Don'

Its been ages since I blogged and few people asked as to why I had stopped blogging. "No specific reason" I guess. Its been an exciting year with lots of things happening and I am back blogging after a long time.

Some free time these days has got me back to pursuing my hobby - astronomy. Chasing comets has always gives a big kick to observational astronomers. It takes months and sometimes years of painful observation to detect a comet. And lots of times it just a stray object in the sky or an already discovered comet.

Comet hunter Don Machholz is considered a God in the field of comet hunting with many discoveries to his credit. An interesting article that I found on says it all:
How I found a Comet

Clear Skies !!


Blogger Nat said...

It's good you got back to blogging and I await more posts.
Trying to catch a glimpse of the moon that was under an eclipse yesterday has made me more curious to see other things like Mars, Saturn. Might drop into Flandrau in the evenings. Clear skies was not the case last night tho, the moon kept disappearing.

10:12 AM  

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